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Il Gusto della Felicità

- Docu -

Changing life is an act of bravery and it’s not always that easy. Inspired by the homonymous book release, Il gusto della felicità is an innovative cooking show about the importance of taking care of our health. The tv show is composed by 8 episodes with people dealing with different nutritional problems. Marco Bianchi creates a personal meal plan specifically for each case and shows them how to do groceries in a new healthier way. Throughout all the episodes, Marco makes original and tasty dishes, giving interesting nutritional advices and scientific facts on what he’s cooking.


Sapore Italiano

- Docu -

Maddalena Fossati, the director of the food magazine “La cucina italiana” and chef Emanuele Pollini create a guide of the best Italian restaurants abroad. In every episode, the two experts travel around New York, Paris, London and Los Angeles, to try different restaurants and evaluate them following four judging parameters: authenticity, style, tradition and innovation. During the episodes, Maddalena and Emanuele give interesting information about the city they’re visiting, adding a cultural point of view to their food guide.



Diario di un Wedding Planner

- Factual -

The series follows the adventures of the most famous Italian wedding planner: Enzo Miccio. His team and him organize marvelous weddings in dreamy locations. The audience will follow Enzo Miccio during all the weddings’ planning phases: from the setting of the ceremony, to the wedding reception and the memorable cutting of the cake. This tv format is one of the flagship programs of Real Time (Discovery Network) and it has already reached its 6th season.



Enjoy Good Food

- Tutorial -

Csaba Dalla Zorza is the first Italian food writer, author of “Good food” and “Honestly good”. Enjoy good food is an innovative tv format which shows how to change our diet in a healthy way, with tasty but simple recipes. Each episode focuses on an ingredient or a cooking method from which Csaba cooks three different recipes. From the research of the right ingredient to the setting of the table, Csaba will reveal all the secrets of the art of cooking and share her passion for the good healthy food.


Il Punto Gordon

- Web Talk Show -

A modern Talk Show dedicated to women and to whom wants to know everything about the feminine world. In every episode, the web star Gordon (Yuri Sterrone), together with Yrina (his female alter-ego), interviews famous women, inviting them to share their thoughts with the audience. The context of this web series is ironic, as in the style of Gordon. Today the show counts 700.000 views on Facebook. And they keep on growing!



Come ti cambio la famiglia

- Web Series -

This is the Italian adaptation of the famous English format “The Big Family Switch Up”, an international campaign developed by the English agency “Formidable” for Indesit. In this 5 episodes’ series, mothers and fathers decide to switch the roles in the family, supported by their children. Hosted by the famous model and ex Miss Italia Cristina Chiabotto, this branded content had a good success and also raised awareness about gender equality.



Cabin 12006

- Web Series -

Markus is a young singer and youtuber. His cousins Kelly and Khloe, daughters of the MSC Bellissima’s Captain, invite him on a cruise with them. This will be his first experience on board, and it will turn out to be a special one. In fact, Markus’ cabin, Cabin 12006, hides a big mystery … will he be able to solve it? With the help of his new friends Nico, Lucas and his cousins he will live this big adventure.

Love stories, stolen kisses and summer romance are the protagonists of this sparkling teen series. There will also be guests of honor such as Max and Harvey and Kids United!



Speciali Festival del Cinema

- Day Time -

The Venice International Film Festival is one the most ancient and well-known cinematic event in the world. It takes place at Venice Lido usually from the end of August to the first week of September.

The Rome Film Festival is an International cinematographic Festival that takes place at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

Riccardo Trombetta, one of the most famous tv host of Paramount Network, interviews directors and actors creating a daily journal that shows the Festivals’ highlights.




La Mia Cucina delle Emozioni

- Tutorial -

The series is inspired by the homonymous book written by Marco Bianchi and published by Harper & Collins. Every episode is dedicated to an emotion, such as affection, good mood, creativity, rest, concentration, courage and energy boost. Starting by these states of mind Marco Bianchi creates simple and tasty recipes, that will fill in our emotional needs and help our psychological and physical well-being.




Hotel Cercasi

- Branded Content -

Paola Marella is a famous real estate agent who helps her clients organizing events, birthdays, wedding proposals and more. It’s a branded content made of 8 episodes where clients ask for Paola’s help to find the right hotel for their events. Each episode of “Hotel Cercasi” is sponsored by the famous hotel’s chain “Best Western”. Paola travels around Italy to meet her clients and to look for wonderful locations where to set an unforgettable event.